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Do you know the a great number of people forget more than 70 percent of sermon or message they heard in few weeks or even days of hearing them?
Do you also know that over 70 percent such messages can be remembered even in 30 years time if such message is packaged in movie form Good examples of such movies are The burning hell, pilgrim progress, Agbara Nla and so on you ll agree with me that movies are vital tool for reaching out.

My name is John Oguntuase of 2nd Touch production, I am Gospel film maker

  • We have a vision to reach at least 10 million souls with our next movie, titled PR(AE)Y.
    By the grace of God
    I produce and co-direct the Movie “Enoch” A PASTOR EA ADEBOYE BIOEPIC, we made
  • Love your neighbour plus 26 short film
  • The still small voice collection of 27 short films
  • The ladder and 11 short films
  • Crack of Down
  • Mum said so
  • Lot of web series.John has also directed other movies like:
  • Scent of water
  • Mary’s option
  • Created things
  • The map
  • Reset. To mention but a few
    The movie “Preay,”It’s a triller movie of salvation, faith and power of God . PRAEY is story center around TEMI and 3 other young medical practitioners who were assigned to a hunted small town far away from civilization, help is mile away the only help on ground is Unknown to them. Would they survive?

It”s a story of salvation, faith and God’s supremacy The movies promises to be very engaging, Thrilling, entertaining, and above all inspirational and impactful by God’s grace.
We believe this movie will leave an indelible mark on every lives that come in contact with it. We desire to give God the best through this movie in terms of production value, in the area of well experience crew member production designing, location, casting, production, post production and distribution.
This will cost us some money, therefore we need the help of children of God like you to touch millions of live together, first by raising alter of prayers across the world for the success of this project also we will be glad to have you support this God’s work with whatever God lay in your heart and you can also partner with us by donating to this curse, it will mean that you have won souls for Christ from the comfort of your home.
We’re willing to appreciate our donor
With credit on the movie, give them gift of our books BOTTLED BUTTERFLY, SMARTPHONE FILMING prep to Post) & SHORT FILM (Script to Screen)
Please let save as many souls as we can together as we all know the end time is here thank you
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